At, we help you build the digital future of your company. Utilising UX skills, business savvy, research chops and a deep understanding of the digital world, we craft solutions that are not only future proof, but can redefine your company.


We are witnessing the birth of a new breed of company: digital native startups disrupt industries across every sector, from banking, through media, transportation or tourism. Incumbent companies risk being left out if they don't innovate or when they only use current strengths.

At, we have been studying this 'digital transformation' for years. We know exactly how hard it is to change your current ways while they still work. Luckily there are methods that you can use too help foster change at your company.

Design sprints

A design sprint is a high intensity pressure cooker, designed to bring everybody -physically- together and find a solution to a common problem. At shiny, we host design sprints to really get to the bottom of a problem, and use the results to inform the rest of our process.

User research

Knowing where you need to go as a company, starts with knowing your customer. At shiny, we go beyond simple sales figures to create a multi-dimensional view of your current or prospective users.

You are the expert

We believe the best expert on your business or sector is you. The thing we bring to the table is deep knowledge of digital experiences, which we can apply to your business. We have partners for advanced technologies, or can work with your preferred supplier.

/product lab

Transformation can be systems change, a new proposition, a more traditional app or site update, or anything else. At the product lab, we help build out ideas into products: real stuff that can be tested, tapped, touched or otherwise shown to your (potential) end customer, CEO or colleagues.

We have an open and beautifully located workspace where we invite you to come help us design the product. Lunch is on us!

Rapid prototyping

Yesterday you had an idea. Today you have a tappable prototype that helps you visualise those ideas, throw them around or throw them away. At, we have years of experience using prototypes to test out ideas

Whiteboard warriors

We are great believers in informal workspaces where ideas can freely roam. A lot of the stuff we make starts out as scribbles on a whiteboard. We wouldn't have it any other way.

Technology proof of concepts

A great idea is worth it's weight in gold, but when it can't be build, its worthless. Together with tech partners, we explore the viability of chosen solutions by building PoC's: quick and dirty, but working, code that informs needed timelines and budgets.

/design partner

A good product isn't only functional, but also reflects your brand in a positive way - or might help it forward. At, we know how to craft beautiful (digital) products, that are also quick and easy to use - on any platform that you might throw at us.

UI and visual design for digital

Green buttons, blue header. Big images or buttoned up and corporate? Our designers work with you to make a design that's on trend (or not, if you prefer) and easy to work with.

Beyond the screen

We left the world where products live on a slab of rectangular glass some years ago. We design and think about any touchpoints that your product has with a customer, so you can be sure the experience is buttery smooth.

Sales, marketing, SEO

Although we don't do marketing ourselves or sell the product, we are happy to work with your sales or marketing department or agency to ensure your Shiny new product gets a great launch, and after.

/let's walk the walk

Got your attention? Now give us a ring so we can start to help you transforming your business. We are happy to visit or host you, show more of our work, or just have a chat about the future. ❤︎ the great outdoors

Shiny works from a beautiful 16th century castle in Nieuwegein. We have our own park and love to be outside, as we believe the best ideas start when you don't have a screen in front of you. Come walk with us when you're around.

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